Improved and more uniform rock fragmentation

The Air-Deck technique is now widely used in surface blasting around the world. Studies show that creating an airdeck between the explosives column and the stemming of the borehole results in savings of 10% to 30% in explosives used suffering no signifficant decrease in rock fragmentation.

Paraplug®'s innovative design is ideal for creating Air Decks in the explosives column and creates a wedge forcing more of the blasting energy into the rock rather than upward out of the drill hole (Similar to the effect of a blocked cannon).

Signifficant savings in explosives used

Using Paraplug® you can achieve signifficant savings in explosives use while maintaining or even increasing rock fragmentation results.

Our customers have reported savings of up to 33% compared to blasts using no stemming plug.

Decrease or elimination of over-drilling

Paraplug® can be used at the bottom of the borehole to eliminate over-drilling practices achieving similar results in terms of bench stability, uniformity and rock fragmentation.

This results in signifficant savings in drilling time with a consequent reduce in costs.

Other benefits of using Paraplug®